Thursday, 26 April 2018

SEAPORA set to release her EP “Seaflow”

Electronic musician SEAPORA releases her EP “Seaflow” on 27th April via Chillage Records. Her previous single, 'Traveling' was premiered by Earmilk whilst its remix by Spoken Bird has seen support from The Untz, The Accidental Poet and QRD Music and her most recent single, “Per Angel” premiered via CLASH Mag. The album was produced by Peter Farr (Urple Eeple), Ian Anderson (Somatik) and Jeff Harris (Thattix). SEAPORA has received support from YourEDM, having reached #1 on EDM Africa chart, and she has worked alongside Jay Wiltzen & Alex Blue (BLU J), Alex Gonzalez (Spoken Bird) and Will Bauer (Elevated Mind) for previous album "Seapop." SEAPORA gained support from the likes of Magnetic Magazine, Insomniac, Amazing Radio and Keep It Underground and played at Lucidity Festival and Treefort Music Festival.

SEAPORA’s production style can be compared to Burial, as her vocals are reminiscent of Beth Gibbons (Portishead), Björk or Lamb. SEAPORA’s sound has become “synonymous with ethereal soundscapes and soulful vocal leads. Moved by the power of the auditory sense, SEAPORA uses her music to experience and capture mood, and through musical composition she connects with the world.” Citing influences as Björk, Robotaki, Tycho, Enya, Deep Forest, and Goldfrapp, she made her first piano composition at the age of 12.

Following her previous release "Seapop" the new album "Seaflow" is the second album in a trilogy, and the first single to be taken from the album, ‘Traveling’ consists of “dreamy vocals between flowing, ambient soundscapes, the track is an aural distillation of emotion, music that offers everything, but demands nothing.”

Speaking of “Seaflow,” SEAPORA says: "The lyrical content in "Seaflow" takes the listener on a journey through the self and deals with existential themes surrounding life and death. In "Seaflow" we get a glimpse of what it means to be truly alive and experience our own truth. The multifaceted nature of life inspired this album, as well as the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet."

"Seaflow" Tracklist:
1. Distant Vision Pt. 1
2. Royale - Eternal
3. Per Angel
4. Distant Vision Pt. 2
5. Traveling
6. Saturday Morning
7. Don't Speak Demon
8. Glide
9. Distant Vision Pt. 3
10. Traveling (Spoken Bird Remix)
11. Traveling (Urple Eeple Remix)
12. Royale - Eternal (MKLY Remix)

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Friday, 20 April 2018

Sex of Insects have released Remixes of ‘Om Nah Omn’ by Sailor & I, dOP and Anatoly Ylotana.

Popular Russian duo Sex of Insects have released an enchanting remix package which includes remixes by Sailor & I, dOP and Anatoly Ylotana on 13th of April via Ylotana Music. The remixes are for the song titled ‘Om Nah Omn’. The duo formed in 2016, and combines the talents of Anatoly Ylotana (guitar) and Alexandra Bartashevich (vocals). Inspired and influenced by big acts such as Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and more recently Underworld, Daft Punk and Danny Tenaglia  - the duo after the success of their previous releases ‘I’m Full Remixes’, ‘I Can Hear The Light Remixes’, ‘I Can Hear The Acid Remixes’ and ‘All I Have A Know Remixes’ and ‘Not This Song Again Remixes’, Sex of Insects has gained recognition and applause from publications CLASH Magazine, Data Transmission, Konbini, Discobelle, Indie Shuffle, Electronic Groove, Clubbing Spain and Noctis Magazine as well as Youtube channels Deep Mix Nation and Madorasindahouse. Sex of Insects has also shared the stage with big names SURGEON, Lady Starlight, Hardware-Live, Gary Beck, Sterac aka Steve Rachmad, Shxcxchcxsh- Live, Black Asteroid, and µ-Ziq as well as RONE and Parra For Cuva. 

‘Om Nah Omn’ is the latest offering by Sex of Insects and ‘kicks off with a western-inspired guitar riff;’ Together with Alexandra Bartashevich’s vocal work the single consists of a heightened and intense rhythm, with an energetic rhythm and ‘mesmerizing textures’. dOP, the French trio rework this remix and up it a level or three using dominant bass-kicks, dance-fueled sounds that will be sure to have the club on it’s toes twisting and turning with feverish dance-moves. The remix created by Sailor & I definitely create a different type of depth to the song with ‘80s inspired arpeggios, choppy vocals’ and gives the song an upbeat melodious high-energy atmospheric build-up. Anatoly - who is one part of Sex of Insects delivers his very own ‘Pink Frost’ version remix which is one ‘part industrial, part techno and experimental in nature - an inventive take on the original mix.’ ‘‘Om Nah Omn (ONO Remix)’ produced in tandem by Anatoly Ylotana with Thierry Tomas, proceeds with pounding beats, frigid textures and an astonishingly haunting atmosphere. This might just be the soundtrack to your dreams!”

Headlining one of the remixes is Parisian electronic trio dOP who have been a phenomenal example within the electronic music community for more than ten years. The unique style is experimental techno and house with elements from other genres such as hip-hop or rock and roll. Having garnered considerable fame from remixing for respectable artists DJ Koze, Phantogram, DJ T, DJ Hell, Damian Lazarus, Djuma Soundsystem and many more. The trio have had over 1.3 million views on their Boiler Room sets and 1.2 Million views on their rooftop Sonar set, dOP have also released numerous compilations, singles and as many as 28 EPs through various praised imprints. They can be compared to similar-styled artists Marcel Dettman, Stimming and Nôze, with the latter being a huge influence on the trio’s work. doP have earned themselves a spot on Resident Advisor’s ‘Top Live Acts’ for three years consecutively from 2010-2012 as well as received support from BBC Radio 1's Pete Tong, Red Bull Radio, FACT Mag and Thump throughout their career.

‘Om Nah Omn EP’ Tracklist:
1. Om Nah Omn (Original Mix)
2. Om Nah Omn (dOP Remix)
3. Om Nah Omn (Sailor & I Remix)
4. Om Nah Omn (Sailor & I Instrumental)
5. Om Nah Omn (Anatoly Ylotana Pink Frost Remix)
6. Om Nah Omn (ONO Remix)

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Electronic musical magician Uppermost has released 'Perservance'

Electronic musical magician Uppermost released his album ‘Perseverance’ on the 23rd of March through Uppwind Records after the highly anticipated wait by fans after receiving incredible support from accredited publications COMPLEX, PAPER Mag, Magnetic Mag, Paste Mag, FGUK, Tasty Network, Chill Masters, Wobblecraft and KCRW's Travis Holcombe and Jason Kramer. Having previously released through major labels such as Sony and Ministry Of Sound, Uppermost has released ‘Perseverance’ independently through his own label and has released singles ‘Make A 'Change’, ‘Step By Step ft. Sôra’, ‘Slide ft. Yudimah’, ‘Atoms ft. Birsen’ and ‘Perseverance ft Harry Pane’ ahead of the album. The electronic producer was also featured on the Mercedes-Benz’ Formula One commercial using his previous hit track ‘Disco Kids’ which led to him receiving immense support and attention from highly influential publications DJ MAG, Vice, YourEdm and Earmilk, as well as major Youtube channel Mr Suicide Sheep, BBC Radio 1 and Virgin Radio.

The Paris based producer cites Persian music as big influence with rich instinctive sounds which he brings together seamlessly on his new album. His previous project was a 23-track collection of french-wave touch, liquid disco grooves and elements of emotion. The collection named Origins contained production inspiration from producers Moullinex, Star Slinger and Cyril Hahn but still maintaining his unique style of fresh compositions and melodies. The producer is heavily inspired by artists Daft Punk, Burial, Apparat, Phoenix and Pogo and explores his own sound through borrowing styles and different elements that have helped him curate his tasteful sound.

The long-awaited album ‘Perseverance’ consists of 14-tracks which embody Uppermost’s musical journey and discovery into his sound. With energetic beat drops and luxe textures added to an aura of delightful melodies, the album hosts fierce production techniques. ‘Perseverance ft. Harry Pane’ the first track off the album and is the perfect opening track for such a production. The song encorporates a list of heavy basslines and beat drops that signify intense thunder-rich sounds and sets a mood and perfect entrance for tracks ‘Focus,’ ‘Make A Change’ and ‘Where Your Heart Goes ft SYML.’ 

Talking about the album Uppermost comments: “I decided to work on this album like it's my last one, putting everything I have to express in it, in the most sincere way I could. I needed to escape from my comfort zone and put myself in a place where I'd be vulnerable again.”

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Got tickets for Boom Town Fair yet?

Hello dearest festival lovers! Our waiting will soon come to an end: The festival season is approaching very very soon. It is time start saving all your energy and get your tents ready for another festival era in 2018.

To name a few headlines: The legendary Gorillaz, Die Antwoord, Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals, Jimmy Cliff and Morcheeba amongst many others.
Get the tunes going and find the full playlist here.

For everyone who still needs a ticket, visit this link to register your Email and stay up to date with all resells. Good Luck!
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