Friday, 24 August 2018

Electro-Pop Duo TGC returns with dreamy new single, 'ECG'.

Electro-pop duo TGC (The Green Children) prepare their latest dreamy single “ECG” scheduled for release on the 24th of August via Illuminated City. Their 2014 video for  ‘Outline’ connected with and supported the work of The Planetary Society, including partners such as famed scientist Bill Nye as well as Yale University.

TGC have been around for a while and have been no stranger to the spotlight having been praised by Rolling Stone & Huffington Post with their single ‘Dreamers’ becoming a viral hit. ‘Dreamers’ went on to amass more than 10 million views, and over 50 million views online via widely sourced channels such as Mr Deep Sense, ElectroPosé’s sister channel Escape and Billboard

Their new single is a return to form for TGC as ‘ECG’ will grab your attention and refuse to let go until the very end. It’s dreamy in its production nature, yet still manages to hit home with powerful vocals, all layered to create the an ethereal atmosphere of sound and emotion. 

On the latest single, TGC comment:
"ECG is about an undeniable love attraction to someone you shouldn’t really be with. It was one of those songs that came to us very quickly which is usually a good sign.”

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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Gorgon City and NAATIONS share EDM-House fuelled music video, "Let It Go"

Gorgon City have just released their brand new album ‘Escape’ - the eagerly anticipated follow-up to their debut album ‘Sirens’ in 2014 which sold over 70,000 UK copies, with the pair amassing over 675 million combined streams in their career so far. In line with the arrival, they have also released the official video for ‘Let It Go’ featuring NAATIONS. ‘Let It Go’ follows on from previous NAATIONS collaboration ‘Real Life’ (with Duke Dumont), a Balearic anthem which soon became the soundtrack to the 2017 Ibiza season. The video is directed by Mikhail Mehra, the Indian-American creative talent responsible for Major Lazer & DJ Snake’s ‘Lean On’. Focusing on Matt and Kye (Gorgon City) as they drive through the LA night, ‘Let It Go’ sees two ambiguous female figures emerge from the duo’s vehicle, matching the brooding and mysterious mood of the production.

Watch the video for 'Let It Go ft. NAATIONS' by Gorgon City below -  
‘Escape’ showcases Gorgon City’s sonic diversity, ranging from more downtempo summer chill-out anthems, to more club-ready productions, including Go Deep’, as well as ‘Hear That’ feat D Double E and ‘One Last Song’ with JP Cooper and Yungen.
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Friday, 3 August 2018

10 best remixes of the week; Crookers, Kasbo, Benson, Krono, Cray & More

One of the luxuries of being a fan of electronic music, is that there will always be remixes doing the rounds on the internet. It can seem daunting because there are so much good stuff out there, but don’t worry, that’s why we’re here.

We listened to dozens of tracks that became popular in the past week and round them a all up for you in one place. Enjoy our favourite 10 remixes below:

Mavi Phoenix - Los Santos (Crookers Infinity Mix)

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Crookers reworked this expletive filled track from Austrian newcomer Mavi Phoenix. The anti-cyberbullying ‘Los Santos’ will have you swearing at everyone around you (but in a good way).

Zhu x Tame Impala - My Life (KRANE Remix)

There have been countless remixes of the exquisite ZHU and Tame Impala collaborative work ‘My Life’, but KRANE’s rendition might beat them all. Keeping enough melancholy of the original track, it slowly builds into an emotional future-bass inspired climax.

Ed Sheeran - Happier (Kasbo Remix)

Ed Sheeran is arguably one of the biggest stars in music today, and his hit ‘Happier’ as been proof of that. Kasbo’s rendition of Sheeran’s hit, keeps the light heartedness of the folk-hit, but adds some extra synth. It’s a very dreamy track that will make you long for road trips along the coastline with friends.

Drugzz - Someone Other Than Me (Krono Remix)
Already quite established in the electronic music scene, Krono has recently released his remix of relative newcomer Drugzz’s track ‘Someone Other Than Me’. It’s layered with synths and a consistent bassline making this a feel-good track with a darker undertone.

Twenty One Pilots - Jumpsuit (Telykast Remix)

The biggest name sin the alternative music scene, Twenty One Pilots, recently released Jumpsuit to critical acclaim. Their music has always been a bottomless pit of amazing remix material, and that’s exactly why Telykast’s remix is so refreshing. It does away with the heavy guitar riffs, and instead adds a bit of future bass.

Jaguar Dreams - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)

It sometimes takes years for an artist to grow into their own sound and for the masses to grow into it as well. This is not the case with Jaguar Dreams. Their debut release ‘Dreams’ is a synth-filled cover of the classic Fleetwood Mac. We’re keen to see what this group has in store for the future!

The Wombats - Cheetah Tongue (Benson Remix)

Benson’s remix of indie group The Wombats’ ‘Cheetah Tongue’ adds a lot of bass, a thumping beat and transforms the indie track into a house tune that is sure to fill clubs and dance floors throughout the world.

Alan Walker & K-391 - Ignite (Psyke Remix)
Alan Walker has had one of the most successful runs in the EDM scene since he’s started out with ‘Faded’. Psyke’s remix of ‘Ignite’ transforms the song into a raw and marching bass house tune which is sure to make you pull some faces.

Kasbo - Your Tempo (Tennyson Remix)

Another Kasbo entry on the list, but this time he is the one being remixed by none other than Tennyson. Their version completely revitalises the song as they turn it into an almost indie-pop like track, while still maintaining everything that we like about the original.

Maroon 5 - Girls Like You Ft. Cardi B (Cray Remix)

Up and coming producer Cray has put her spin on Maroon 5 and Cardi B’s smash hit, ‘Girls Like You’. She managed to keep the style of the original, while making it her own in this instant summer favourite. 

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